A Little About Me

My name is Laura McMillan, Owner and Photographer at Laura Shea Photography LLC, formerly Twinkle Twinkle Photo Studio. I specialize in Newborn, Birth and Children's Photography and include Maternity and Family Photography as well.

  My studio's home is in Simpsonville, SC but I offer outdoor sessions in many areas of the upstate. 

I have an amazing husband and we share 6 children. 3 boys and 3 girls with ages ranging from 14 to 25. He and I are both from a small town right outside of Charleston and we enjoy going home to visit our family and friends whenever we can. Growing up, photography was not someting I was interested in. But a few years ago I was offered a position with a company that opened the door to what has since become my passion. There is nothing better than being a "professional baby snuggler"


 Capturing those fleeting moments are so important. From the beginning stages of labor to baby's grand entrance into the world. Catching a sleepy smile or a glimpse of their already forming personalities. Milestones and birthdays, holidays and just because. These are the things that are so special. These are the moments you will never get back. These are the moments I live to "freeze time" for.  These are the moments that “tell your story”.

Birth and Newborn photography is without a doubt a special niche. Aside from the desire to work with newborns and the patience it takes, there are countless hours of workshops and safety training to gain expertise in this particular field of photography. Newborns, require specific and specialized education on how to ensure baby's safety in all poses. I make as many attempts as possible to continue my education and stay up to date on techniques and safety in this industry.  In addition, there are hours worth of compositing and editing to ensure your photos aren't just beautiful, but that they're a work of art! 

 I am so honored to have the best mentors in the industry and the constant opportunity to learn and grow. This allows me to continually ensure that you and your family have the safest and best experience during these amazing times in your life. To see a few workshops and courses I have successfully completed click here.

Now that you know a little about me and what I offer, enjoy the rest of my site. You can see additional photos on Facebook, Instagram and my blog. The direct link buttons are on my home page. Don't forget to like my page to let me know you stopped by for a visit!

Please feel free to use my contact form if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a consultation for your session.  

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