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Let's talk about photos.

-Are they really that important?

There are several reasons why photos are so important. But first let me ask you, do you have loose prints or albums full of photos from when you were a kid? Maybe a few snapshots of your mom while she was pregnant?  How about your hospital photo or a few from your first few days at home with your family? Birthdays? Or the professional portrait sessions your parents used to drag you to year after year for family Christmas pictures? Am I the only one who loathed Olan Mills?  Ha!   

Now that you're all grown up, I have no doubt that these pictures you have safely tucked away are some of your most treasured keepsakes. You don't even have to be the sentimental type for these to mean something to you.  How about photos of your parent's childhood, Grandparent's or even Great Grandparent's?  I have photos from everything I just named and then some! and YES! They are absolutely one of my most treasured keepsakes. 

I love going through old photos of my relatives. I even enjoy the photos of my great great grandparents. The forgotten era. No one these days can relate to anything back then but through their pictures we can see their stories. My grandfather was a professional photographer with a private studio and dark room. He photographed and developed portraits of locals in my home town. He also took photos outdoors and many many photos of my mother growing up. I honestly cherish these. I can imagine myself being there with her. They tell a story. The story of her life. 

My very favorite photos from "back in the day" are photos of myself and my family that I grew up with. These photos starting with my newborn photos also tell a story. From my first few hours after birth, my first birthday, my first Christmas... Obviously I don't remember these times but they tell MY story. My Grandmother rocking me during my First Christmas at just over a month old. Boy was she proud! You can see her beaming with joy and love!  That's MY story! 

 Photos are literal moments throughout our lives that are "frozen in time".  Photos create emotions that words can't. Photos create memories for us when we can no longer remember. Photos connect us to those who came before us and to ourselves. We had a story long before we can remember and one day we will forget. But our photos will be there to remind us. Whether we forget over time or just need a reminder of the happy times when things are tough, we have our photos. 

So...if you've never thought about how important photographs are, now you have. And I'm sure you can agree that PHOTOS ARE IMPORTANT!

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